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Eclipse Season Is Here!

Updated: Jan 30, 2022

On Friday 19th November, we have a Full moon at 27° Taurus, that will also birth a new, 2 year eclipse cycle on the Taurus/Scorpio axis. This full moon will also be a lunar eclipse, giving the moon a reddish hue, commonly referred to as a blood moon. Full moons are usually highly charged with energy, but eclipses turbo charge the intensity of the moon, and this is why eclipses are associated with drama, heightened emotions, worry, concern, fear, and abrupt, or sudden change. Eclipses come in pairs, separated by two weeks, so we will have a solar eclipse on Saturday 4th December, marking the end of the nodal Gemini / Sagittarius axis. The time of the exact eclipse and the time between these two eclipses is a time of heightened sensitivity, and can bring about a sense that time is speeding up.

Full moon energy invites us to explore what we need to release and let go, in order to stay in alignment with our intentions. The nodal interaction at eclipse time amplifies these themes, adding a karmic, or destiny vibe to the energy, illuminating what has been brewing beneath the surface. This time is associated with realisations, or awakenings, and can be a time of sudden shifts and changes. For some, doors open up, there is temporary access to something that was previously unavailable, or it may be a time of extreme creativity. For others, some doors may be slamming shut, or there is an unsteady break in rhythm, or daily patterns.

The eclipse season can often have a sense of wildness about it, however this particular eclipse season is further intensified by a few other planetary placements, also bringing up the themes and archetypes surrounding birth, death, transformation, authentic desire, alignment with correct choice and action, and may enhance your ability to truly get in touch with the significance of what is surfacing in your life at this time.

Eclipses are not a time to be afraid, nor are they a time to race out and take action. It’s a time for observation, increased awareness, and realignment. As much as possible, it is a time to take a step back and see what surfaces, see what messages the universe is sharing with you. For some, there may be sudden disruption, or change, this too is a part of the realignment process. After the solar eclipse, you will have a new perspective and this is the time to start moving forward with your fresh, new insights.

Let’s explore the eclipse season and it’s archetypal themes in more detail.

So What is an Eclipse?

There are two types of eclipse; the solar eclipse and the lunar eclipse.

Solar Eclipse - A solar eclipse happens at the time of the new moon, when the sun and the moon are in the same location. The moon passes between the sun and the earth and temporarily covers a part of the sun.

Lunar Eclipse - The lunar eclipse happens at the time of the full moon, when the sun and the moon are opposite one another, so the earth is perfectly wedged between the sun and the moon. The shadow of the earth cast onto the moon at this time, turns the moon a reddish colour, commonly known as a blood moon. The nodes of the moon are the points represented by the highest and lowest point of the moons path on the ecliptic. When the lunar nodes, sun and moon align, we get eclipses.

Our ancestors revered the sun for its life giving energy and the moon for its comfort, nurturing and mysterious light in the dark of night. Building their life around the seasons, and the cycles of the sun and moon, eclipses where considered extremely frightening times, especially when they occurred during the day and the sky temporarily went dark as the moon blocked the rays of the sun. This is most likely the earliest association with eclipses being times of fear, worry and concern.

Exploring The Archetypes of the Sun, Moon and Nodes

The luminaries, the sun and the moon represent our inner and outer worlds. Much like day and night, the sun is our outer experiences, our ego, and how we interact with the world. Our moon is often more hidden; our internal and emotional world.

The nodes have always been considered a karmic symbol, representing our past and future, destiny or fate. In evolutionary astrology, the nodes of the moon bring the core message of the souls journey in this lifetime. Changing signs about every 18 months, the sign placement of the moons nodes in eclipse season, indicate the archetypal themes of the two signs in polarity that will be influencing us during this time.

So What Does it Mean?

This lunar eclipse wants emotional fulfilment, through authenticity, by connecting to the simple, tangible things in life that you truly desire, and bring you pleasure and joy.

The eclipse is happening in practical, earthy, peace loving Taurus. Venus, the ruler of Taurus is currently in Capricorn, forming a trine to Uranus in Taurus. Venus rules what we desire and how we feel about ourselves and others, relationships both to the people in our life, and other areas of our life including, work, family, health, nutrition. Currently Venus is out of bounds, adding an extra sense of wildness to this lunar eclipse. She isn’t as conservative, or restricted by expectation as she would be otherwise in Capricorn. Also aspecting Uranus who invites authenticity and